Joleen Hinks-Gruber

Nutritionist, Player, Coach

Jo  was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario and played for the Ontario Provincial Team from 1991-1993 before she was recruited to play soccer at the University level in the USA.  Joleen graduated from Iowa State University received a 4 year soccer scholarship. She is also a former professional soccer player with the Toronto Inferno Soccer Franchise. As nutrition expert and professional athlete, Joleen Gruber has been in practice as a Nutritionist since 2002.  Her passion for coaching and mentoring on the areas of optimal health and nutrition is evident to all who know her. Joleen is also a teacher and facilitator for several nutrition courses. As an athlete and mother of two, Joleen has the expertise and hands on knowledge to coach various clients ranging from young children and youth to corporate leaders and professional elite athletes. 

Donna Holyman

Coach, Player, Teacher

Donna Holyman was born in Kidderminster, England and raised in Burlington, Ontario.  Donna played for the U-20 Canadian National Team, Ontario provincial team, and rep soccer for the Burlington Bandits.  She accepted a full scholarship to play Division 1 soccer at the University of Hartford (1994-1997) and also at the University of Colorado (1997-1998).  Donna graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in sociology in 1998. She earned her Master’s in Education (sports administration) at The University of Kansas in 2004.

Donna is an experienced college women’s soccer coach spending time at The University of South Alabama, University of Kansas, Barry University, and the University of South Florida.  She was the Assistant coach for the U-14 and U-18 Olympic Development Program in Overland Park, Kansas for 6 years and she is currently teaching and coaching at a private school in Tampa, FL.​

Soccer Power is a program for Rep and OPDL level girls soccer players, 11-18 years of age.  Nutrition seminars are designed to educate participants on the importance of proper nutrition and how it relates to performance in soccer. Participants will learn how to properly fuel their body.  Our soccer coaches develop  player’s individual and team skill levels to peak performance and we will educate the girls on  scholarship preparation all while teaching and inspiring girls to develop their voice and strengthen their self-confidence. Our sessions are an opportunity for girls to experience different coaching styles while enhancing their soccer, nutrition and leadership skills for many years to come.  Our coaches are former NCAA Division 1 Women's Soccer Players, NCAA  Coaches, former Canadian National Team Members,  Sports Nutritionists and Teachers.

Soccer - Skill development, interactive challenges and competitions.  

Nutrition - We help girls understand the importance of a healthy diet and apply it to their own lives - now and in the future. 

​Leadership - Strengthen each girl's confidence and develop their leadership voice.

This July 18-20, 2017 (3 sessions) Soccer Power is running three elite Soccer and Nutrition  sessions for Rep and OPDL girls ages 11 - 18 at Assumption High School in Burlington, ON.  Sessions will run from 9am - Noon.  An advanced soccer session will be run by Coach Donna Holyman (University of South Alabama, University of Kansas, Barry University, and the University of South Florida)  followed by Sports Nutrition for elite youth sessions with Joleen Gruber, Sports Nutritionist.  Joleen's Sports Nutrition course will be three sessions and each daily topic will foster healthy choices for stamina, energy, strength,  pre, during and post nutrition as well as recovery for youth athletes.  


Snack/meal demonstrations for all elite athletes at each Sports Nutrition session with  recipes for parents!

3 Elite Morning Soccer and Nutrition Sessions July 18-20, 2017 from 9am - Noon at Assumption High School in Burlington, ON.  Register Today!

Joleen Gruber

Sports & Holistic Nutritionist