Would you like to feel in the drivers seat for your nutrition?
Confused about what choices to make?
Tired of counting calories?

Vibrant Health MBA is an exclusive and  international program inspiring people around the world to make healthier food choices and make eating healthy simple, quick, and painless.
Vibrant Health MBA is a practical and inspirational approach to health in all ways with an
emphasis on quality of food vs. quantity (calories) and balanced holistic nutrition.

Four sessions meet once per week from 12-1pm (corporate lunch n’ learns). 

Food demonstration and sampling is provided at each session.

 Course outline:

Week 1 –  Why our breakfast, or lack of, is causing cell dysfunction and insulin resistance.
Week 2 – The skinny on fats! Making sense of coconut oil and other essential fatty acids.
Week 3 – Protein, are YOU getting enough?
Week 4 –  Body pH, disease prevention, and going green.

Joleen Gruber, B.A., RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

As a nutrition expert and professional athlete, Joleen Gruber has been in practice as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist Since 2002.  Her passion for coaching and mentoring on the areas of optimal health and nutrition as well as Supplementation is evident to all who know her. Joleen is also a  corporate teacher and facilitator for several nutrition courses offered across North America. As an athlete and mother of two, Joleen has the expertise and hands on knowledge to coach various clients ranging from corporate leaders to professional and elite athletes. Joleen graduated from Iowa State University where she was on a 4 year soccer scholarship and is also a former professional soccer player with the Toronto Inferno Soccer



Joleen Gruber

Sports & Holistic Nutritionist